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MIKE Painting Contractors
Park Ridge
Professional Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Park Ridge

Mike Painting Contractors Park Ridge strives to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. We value customer service, detailed workmanship, responsibility, and high-quality materials that lead us to successful painting projects. Our painting contractors have gone through training and have many years of experience to achieve expertise in the field, including interior painting, exterior painting, house painting, siding painting, house brick painting, exterior house painting projects, and spray painting on various surfaces.

For over fifteen years in the industry, we have provided customized painting jobs that fit the specific needs of your application. We believe that the beauty and longevity of our projects are obtained from using high-quality products, the best primers, caulking, paints, siding components, and top-notch services from our experienced painters Park Ridge. No matter what color or style you want, our house painters will achieve your design and not impede your decisions. For high-quality painting services Park Ridge, call us now! We always do what we can to support our customers of quality and expertise.

Our Offer Includes a Wide Range of Professional Exterior Painting & Interior Painting Park Ridge Services


Interior Painting

Whether you need a full house to remodel or a new accent wall, your home deserves a high-quality service and impeccable interior finish. Our interior painters Park Ridge provide efficient, meticulous, and seamless interior painting finish that will make a big difference to your home's overall impact and look.


Exterior Painting

There's nothing like a fresh stain to improve the look of your home instantly. From touch-ups to full exterior painting, our painting contractors Park Ridge can handle it. We always provide a precise job, with a complete set of materials and a beautiful finish no matter how extensive your exterior painting is.


House Brick Painting

If you have a structure made of brick, you need a professional and highly qualified painting contractor to perform house brick painting Park Ridge. At Mike Painting Contractors, we deliver top-notch brick painting services to improve the looks of your bricks. Call us today to know more about our services.


Siding Painting

Freshen up your siding with our siding painting Park Ridge services! At Mikes Painting Contractors, you can choose from our array of beautiful colors for your sidings. We offer professional painting vinyl sidings for reasonable prices. Tell us what color you want for your exterior, and we'll take care of it! Give us a call now!


Exterior House Paint

No matter the size of your house exterior, Mike's Painting Contractors can handle that. We'll help you select the right paint that can withstand extreme weather. We proudly offer outstanding exterior house paint Park Ridge with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Give us a call now!


Spray Painting

We work closely with our clients to help them reach their end goal. We provide a broad range of spray painting Park Ridge services by our qualified and well-trained spray painting contractors. Get clean and hassle-free spray painting services for an affordable price. Give us a call for top-notch service.

Check Our Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Park Ridge Work


Trust Our Expert Painters Park Ridge Crew With Your Interior Painting or Exterior Painting Project!

House painting is one excellent way to improve the look of your house while making it enjoyable for you. You can easily get a beautiful and more fitting interior without spending a fortune on the interior painting Park Ridge service. For professional results, hiring certified house painters Park Ridge would be the best move. You can choose from a generous array of colors and decide on the ultimate finish to complement your existing home design and make the final color easier on the eyes for you and your guests. Our interior painters Park Ridge have expert eyes when it comes to choosing the best color palette for your home. We can make it as simple or as extravagant as you want. Whether you want a single room or your entire house to be repainted, you can trust our seasoned painting contractors to do an excellent job that will last for years. We also perform painting vinyl siding, exterior painting, and house brick painting Park Ridge commercial and residential properties. We have an extensive background in the industry. Trust us to fulfill your vision. Call us today!

Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Reliable Painting Contractors Park Ridge

Quality Work
Professional painting contractors Park Ridge have all the necessary knowledge to achieve high-quality and long-lasting painting results. From the surface preparation to coating and setting up the environment for faster drying, you can trust them to provide you top-notch results. 
Detailed to Perfection
To achieve perfection, meticulous work is needed. Professional painters Park Ridge can ensure that all of the details are adequately considered and checked. 
Painting contractors Park Ridge can get the paint job much quicker, safer, and efficiently because of their many years of experience and expertise. 
It's prudent to work with an insured and licensed company like Mike Painting Contractor Park Ridge. Failing to hire an insured painting contractor without a proper license can expose potential liabilities. Also, this will save you if something happened during the painting job. 
You can trust a professional painting companies Park Ridge to do a high-quality job because they have all the necessary tools and materials for the job. They will also ensure the job is done safely by bringing protective gears, ladders, and other equipment to reach high places. 

What Are the Signs That Your Home Is in Need of Our Interior Painting Park Ridge Services?

When years have passed since your last home painting Park Ridge was done, consider having your home repainted. House paint also loses its integrity and vibrance over time, regardless of how well it is applied or the quality of paint used. Most paints only last for five to eight years after application, while higher quality ones last longer.
The quality and color of paint also fade as time passes by. It is because of age and the outside elements it is exposed to. Bring back the original vibrance of your home by hiring our painting contractors Park Ridge. Issues like water intrusion also can be the reason behind fading paint, so have your home repainted when necessary to avoid further repairs.
The visible cracks on your painted walls can indicate the need for repainting. Those cracks can reduce the value of your home and might cause health risks to dwellers due to potential lead poisoning. Since old paints usually contain lead, asking interior painters Park Ridge to repaint your home helps to keep you and your family safe.

How Our Painting Contractors Park Ridge Assure Faultless Interior Painting Process?

Prepping the Surfaces
One of the time-consuming processes when it comes to painting is prepping the walls or surfaces. A wall that’s properly prepped can lead to a successful painting project. Our painters Park Ridge will scrape, sand, patch, clean dust, fill holes, repair cracks, and other damages that may hinder a flawless finish.

We Only Use High-Quality Roller Covers and Brushes
Low-cost roller covers can leave marks and lint that can get stuck on the paint. Once the paint dries, it can cause bumps and uneven paint, which will be difficult to repair. With a poor-quality brush, it may leave ugly streaks on your walls. While you’re thinking of beautifying your walls, ensure painters are stingy on the tools they use for great results.

Secure Furniture, Hardware, and Floors
The best way to get flawless paint is to avoid any splatters and spills. Our interior painters Park Ridge will secure and cover every trim, furniture, or floor that shouldn’t be painted. We value your investments which is why we ensure everything is protected.

Only the Best Quality of Paint
Low-cost paints are often thinner and have fewer solids than those expensive paints. Good quality paint has a smooth and better coverage. Our painting contractors Park Ridge only use quality paints for flawless, smooth, and long-lasting results.

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